I-PACK (Immigrant Partnership and Advocacy Curricular Kit) is a curriculum designed for medical providers and educators who wish to enhance knowledge and skills related to immigrant and refugee health.

This comprehensive curriculum includes eight domains selected and developed by experts in immigrant and refugee health. Many of the authors are pediatric clinician educators; however I-PACK covers a broad overview of immigrant health topics that apply across different patient age groups.

Each of the eight domains can be taught on its own or in combination with other domains, which allows educators to tailor the course to specific goals and needs of their own setting. Each domain can also be modified, and specific activities within the domain can be chosen based on learner needs. The content can be easily modified: educators can choose to teach content in small blocks of time, such as over the residency noon hour or medical school lecture slots, or conduct a full-day course on immigrant and refugee health.

Each domain contains an overview and guides for facilitators and learners. In addition, many domains contain additional materials such as PowerPoint slides for didactic education, videos or narrated presentations, cases, and/or handouts.

Who Can Use I-PACK?

While I-PACK was designed with medical educators in mind, anyone can use I-PACK! It is a free resource and the curriculum is available for download online.

Those who might get the most benefit from I-PACK or find it most suited for their needs include:

  • Medical schools and residency programs looking for training materials on immigrant and refugee health, especially with a pediatric focus;
  • Clinicians leading immigrant or refugee health electives;
  • Global health educators;
  • Advocacy rotation directors or advocacy track leaders, particularly in medical schools and residencies.

I-PACK can be used by individual learners, but as it is designed to be implemented in person, the greatest gains in learning will come from participating in real-time course activities.

Have a preparatory activity that could augment the I-PACK curriculum? Contact us here: ideas@sugarprep.org.

Download I-PACK Curriculum

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