There are many wonderful resources that can be used in addition to SUGAR to prepare for global health experiences; here are a few of our favorites!

Online Modules

Two interactive, online modules that are part of the Global Child Health Educational Modules Project (led by Suzinne Pak-Gorstein at the University of Washington) are truly a must for all:

Preparation for a Global Health Elective

Preparation for a Global Health Elective

Culture: The Original Vital Sign

Culture: The Original Vital Sign


In the book category, these 2 books most certainly top the list:

L Robert Kohl’s Survival Kit for Overseas Living – this is a quick and enjoyable read that provides a practical and insightful approach to understanding culture and culture shock. Applicable for all that travel, not just those living abroad.

WHO Pocket Book of Hospital Care for Children: Guidelines for the Management of Common Illnesses – a practical resource for those working with children in resource-limited environments. This is the “WHO pocket book” frequently referenced in the SUGAR cases.

Starting & Growing a Global Health Program

For those looking for more information on starting or growing a global health program and for a comprehensive summary of global health preparation resources, this phenomenal document created by Nikki St. Clair at the Medical College of Wisconsin is a gold mine!

Those working with pediatric residents should be sure to visit the Association of Pediatric Program Directors Global Health Pediatric Education Group website. This group is the home for global health educators that work with pediatric residents.


There is a wealth of information available about simulation. If you haven’t already read the debriefing article in the facilitator training section, we would strongly recommend that as a place to start.

Those looking for a deeper dive into the literature on debriefing in simulation will find this annotated bibliography put together by our colleague Walter Eppich, MD, MEd.


These videos, created by the Global Health Media Project: are designed to teach health workers and communities in resource-limited settings life saving skills. A must view series before heading abroad.


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